Claire Englander

Claire Englander

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11/09/13 09:07 AM #1    

Sandy Fiebelkorn

A year before our 40th reunion, I was among those trying to find and talk with classmates whose contact info was obsolete. I remember starting up a reacquaintance with Claire, who was delightful. We spoke a few times. She said she was considering attending the 40th if she could combine it with a visit to see her parents who I believe at that point may have been living in Virginia. She also subtly mentioned that her health might be a factor. (I now understand how understated she was about the challenge she faced then and continued to through this July.)

She sent me a card with a message that related to something I told her about my life, in particular the idyllic setting up here in Ct. Having just watched the loving tribute (a 55 -minute vide) her brother produced, I see that was Claire's way, every day--doing something thoughtful for the people she was in touch with. So nice to read her sisters and brothers were with her those last couple of weeks and that she enjoyed reading her Jane Austen to the end. 

So sad to have lost another special member of our class.


11/09/13 11:05 AM #2    

George Gilbert Engler

Lovely, Claire.  I can't remember school without her.  When being called on in class and going by the alphabet, Claire was just before me.  She was an act that I could never follow.  Graceful, smart and pretty.  These passings are tough to accept.

11/09/13 01:04 PM #3    

Adele Zaccaria (Pelosi)

So sad to read of Claire's passing. I remember spending many afternoons at her home with her large family. We both shared the same birthday and attended Penn State together. Claire was a lovely person--intelligent , kind, and caring. She will be missed. 

11/10/13 11:46 AM #4    

Carol Cogliati (Pariso)

So sorry to hear about Claire.  She lived right down the street from me on Hartshorn Drive during school years.  She and I had some great times together - with Adele Zaccaria Pelosi.  She had a quiet, beautiful way about her.  So sad to be losing so many classmates at such early ages.  Live for the day, folks - and hug your loved ones!

11/10/13 03:07 PM #5    

Georgia Busch (Nostrand)

Claire became consistantly attentive by phone and letter when she found out my husband was ill.  Claire had been a caregiver to Ralph, the love of her life.  She never failed to mention her treasured time with him and maintained a website in his memory.  

I highly recommend watching a video that Claire's brother created, found in her on line obituary.  Claire's gentle nature, focused intelligence, unflinching idealism and unparalleled work ethic are described in interviews with her colleagues.  I appreciated Claire's outspoken sense of injustice.  Claire's attributes shine in this video.  

Imagine the last twenty years of Claire's life working feverishly while taking a day each week to receive low doses of chemo for treatment of breast cancer, and not becoming embittered or self pitying. Claire maintained her idealism to the end.    

I treasure Claire's memory and am honored to have known her. 


11/10/13 07:17 PM #6    

Nora Godwin (Johnson)

I had been in contact with Claire, since she lived in Berkeley, CA. My late brother, Todd, and family have lived there for 10 years, and I usually go out to CA 2x/yr . . . we never managed to get a meet up date . . . I feel awful hearing the news . . . she was a kind and gentle soul.

11/11/13 04:40 PM #7    

David Guyer

Claire and I were in the same Kindergarten class at Lincoln School in Roselle, NJ. I do not remember when her family moved, but after my family moved to SH, when I would ride my bike over (often with Bob McEvoy, and maybe John Eastham) to Bobby Chandler's house on Hartshorn, the Englanders lived right next to the Chandlers. I do not recollect going to grade school with Claire. But when I returned to MHS in 1961, Claire would always have a warm smile and a quiet "Hello" for me when we would pass in the halls.

Regarding what Carol Cogliati mentioned in her remembrance, I was invited to give a talk to the Lions Club in a small town in North Carolina about 14 years ago. They wanted me to speak on some medical topic, so I decided to give them my totally off the cuff thoughts about living a long and happy life. After the usual points, like stopping smoking (an important topic in NC), limited alcohol intake, regular exercise and diet, and a few other things, my last point was to love and appreciate your family every day (including, I think I remember, giving them a hug every day).

Even though I was not in contact with Claire over these past 50 years, somehow it has moved me to know that this special, gentle soul has moved on.

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