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01/31/13 08:00 PM #1    


Susan Becker (Ott)

OMG! Who are all these bald guys (with or without beards)? I must be on the wrong website.wink

02/10/13 09:18 PM #2    


John Huegel

Hey -- They are us -- bald because we are.  And with beards because we can! 

John Huegel

05/29/13 10:03 PM #3    


Marty Ganek

I went to an Asian restaurant tonite and at the end of the meal I opened my fortune cookie and it read "Friends long absent are coming back to you", very appropriate indeed, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in September!

10/01/15 05:16 PM #4    


Bill Klussmann

Not certain but think Alan Baratta may have passed away, I have sent several e mails and have not received any response. I know he did have cancer and was being treated for that.

10/06/16 04:12 PM #5    

Peter Lesnik

I remember someone last year raving about the Kennedy Center Honors night.

Elizabeth and I have gone a number of times, and those of us that live in the DC area can attest that anything the President goes to takes 2-3 more hours more than a normal NSO or Opera.

We have our offer of tickets for this year, seats start $2,500 each, up to a box for $50,000. (6 seats)  about 78% of the money is tax deductable.  We can't go this year so if anyone wants to go, it's the night of Dec. 4th, and includes a great dinner.

The lifetime achievements will be presented to Martha Argerick, The Eagles, Mavis Staples, Al Pacino, and  James Taylor.  It will be broadcast on CBS the evening of Dec. 27th at 9PM.

If you're interested, call me with the next  couple of days, 703-862-5050


10/07/16 08:48 PM #6    

Philip Larson

Dear Peter,

    Are you serious?

    You're offering seats for this event for $2,500 apiece?  I've been to many fabulous concerts over the years to see some of the World's best actors, singers, comedians, etal.  BUT ... I've never even thought of paying that amount for one seat.  I cannot imagine my wife and I sitting down, (dinner or no dinner), and spending $5,000.00 for the evening.

    Is this actually what you're saying? 

   Thank you for thinking of all of us.  I'd be very interested in who takes you up on this interesting offer.

   Take care Sir.

   Phil Larson


10/08/16 01:37 PM #7    

Peter Lesnik

that's what they cost, Phil. and those are the cheap seats.

And you have to be a donor to the Kennedy Center to even get on that list.

and you'll wait in line for at least an hour while they inspect your car to get into the underground parking, which by the way, cost $23.00, with my $4.00 discount on parking.

just thinkl opening night at Hamilton, or something.

that's why I was so surprised at someones wax poetic to stuff like this.  I thought I'd add a little reality to the real circumstances.

but, it's like a Super Bowl, everyone should go once, it's an amazzing 8-9 hour production.

10/08/16 06:21 PM #8    


Ted (Ed) Biddison



‚ÄčInteresting response.  Glad to hear that Peter is doing so well and can afford $5,000 for an evening's entertainment.  Living in Southern CA, affords my wife and I many opportunities to attend great concerts. We've seen the Eagles, Eric Clampton, Johnny Mathis, Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot, Hall and Oats, Santana, the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Huey Lewis, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Barry Gibb, Peter Asher (Peter and Gordon) and Al Stewart.  I'd be willing to bet I didn't spent a total of $5,000 on the entire bunch and didn't have to wait around for our fearless leader!

Best news of all.  Everyone who can read this is still above the grass!

Hope this finds you all well and happy.






10/09/16 05:22 PM #9    

Peter Lesnik

Thanks, Ted. I've done pretty well, if you consider my wife will be dead of lung cancer within the next 6 months and I've had 3 back operations.

I'd trade all my success if you can fix her.

10/10/16 11:23 AM #10    


Ted (Ed) Biddison

Peter, so sorry to hear about your wife.  Lost my first wife to the same horrendous disease nine years ago so I can imagine what you are going through.  Hang in there and make every day count. Life is not fair.

It was not my intent to disparage any success you or any other classmate has achieved. In fact, in reading the entries of classmates on this site, I truly admire the fact that so many of the crazy idiots I ran around with managed to do so well. It says a great deal about the education we received at MHS, in my case without paying much attention!  We were all so young and looking for our place in the world, but so fortunate to have been in a place which allowed us to do so.

Having said that, I still wouldn't spend $5,000 for one concert!

All the best,


10/10/16 12:08 PM #11    


Pamela Maurer (Shor)

Hi Pete.

We have been to 2 Kennedy Center Honors shows, and enjoyed them immensely as I am sure you and your wife have.  As the Center does such fine work, and is so dedicated to many causes, an invaluable source, we considered the cost of tickets to be a donation to excellence.  Obviously it is a high price however it is a choice.  I do imagine that others see it differently however that is what conversation is all about.  

I sincerely wish only strength, and celebration of a partnership, a marriage, a friendship, and a love that will last forever to remain with you, and Elizabeth for the rest of both of your lives.  My thoughts and good wishes to you both, and as you have been, the continued celebration of life that never ever will end.  

My very best,



10/10/16 04:38 PM #12    

Cindy Scofield (Steinmann)

Hi Peter, What a great opportunity!  I am not embarrassed to say I can't afford a ticket but it sounds awesome!!  Who ever does go, have a great time. Am very sorry about your wife's condition. I know this is a very rough time for you. Wishing you both as much love and comfort as possible, Cindy




10/10/16 10:50 PM #13    

Robert McEvoy

Yes this is your Little League teammate responding.  First our prayers will be shared each night that Elizabeth will be spared from pain in the upcoming months.  We have not shared thoughts since HS but faith keeps us strong and good memories never die.  Our present schedule does not allow us to attend this gracious celebration.  We appreciate you generous offer.  Stay strong and God bless...Mac

10/12/16 08:06 PM #14    

Philip Larson

To Bob McEvoy,

 Holy Mackerely!  It was fantastic to see that you're alive and well Bob!   I've obviously lost track of you over the years.  I was hoping that you'd surface in the Olympics way back when. 

 You were the gymnist that eveyone looked up to. 

 I'm sure now that time and a bit of energy has diminished your appetite for the 'Horse' and 'High Bar'.  Never-the-less, it was great to see you respond to Peter's offering. 

 I hope all is well with you and yours.  If you have a moment, please send me a few lines on how you've passed all these many years.  (Not asking for a saga - perhaps a quick re-cap of what you've been up to!).

  Take care Sir.

  Phil Larson

10/13/16 12:32 PM #15    

Peter Lesnik

Thank all of you for your thoughts  Here are a few of mine.

Cindy, you pop into my thoughts every now and then and always bring a smile to my face.

Bob, little league, my horses will either be in Ocala or Wellington this Feb. and hopefully, my granddaughters will enter some of the shows on the weekends and I can sneak away.  And by then, maybe, they'll let me play golf again.  I think I remember that you live on the west coast of FL.

Yes, I've done well, I worked my ass off for 46 years in International Sales.  I've spent over 2,100 nights of my life in Marriott Hotels.  There is a price to pay for all of it.  I've been lucky enough to work for two different people in my life who left me alone and let me do what I did best.  I was always a commissioned salesman.  I never had a regular weekly paycheck job.  I've never had an office job.

Elizabeth and I have been together for 35 years, raised each others children. and just like all of use, stuggled to put all of our kids thru college and grad schools and didn't drive new cars for 10-11 years.  The kids did, but we had junk.  We were able to give our kids down payments on houses or townhouses.

We also have a confined mental ill daughter and a son that doesn't talk to us because I think he's a drunk, and I told him if he wanted to go on family vacations he couldn't drink.  Marie, his wife, has been battling breast cancer for 12 years.

Now Elizabeth has terminal cancer.  The point is that God has a way to even stuff out for all of us.

10/13/16 01:47 PM #16    

Tuck Batch

Peter, well said. My prayers for you and Elizabeth.

10/13/16 03:11 PM #17    

Robert McEvoy

To Phil....have had a great life.  From surviving 2 tours in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group to admiinigstrating a large HS in N Y. Two happily married children that have blessed Linda and I with 5 healthy grandchildren.  Retired to new house on private golf course and just play golf or ride bike everyday....How about you!     Stay healthy.  Mac

10/14/16 12:43 PM #18    


Linda Badash (Katz)

To Peter and Elizabeth:

Like you, and most everyone else our age, Jay and I know full well that life is not fair. We have you both in our prayers.

10/15/16 08:10 PM #19    

Philip Larson

Hey Bob, 'Mac,'

   I also spent a tour in that land of the 'two-way rifle range.'  Unfortunately I didn't come home unscathed.  I was with the First Air Cavalry.   We were doing interdiction along the Mecong River in I corp.  I didn't come home as lucky as you were.  A couple of rounds found their way into me.

   I'm still working with the VA after all these years to fix some of the damage. 

  That didn't hold me back from a career though.  I spent thirty years with IBM and got to a 'lofty' position.  That seems like ancient history now.  I've been happily married for FIFTY YEARS with three great offspring and six wonderful grand kids.  I'm a lucky, happy guy.

  Sounds like you are in the same category.  I enjoyed your description of living on a Golf Course and biking every day.  You must still be in top shape. 

  Keep in touch as time goes on.  I'd enjoy hearing any new news about what you're up to.

  Take care 'Mac.' 

  Phil Larson

12/01/16 10:16 PM #20    

Thomas Cholis

You all are of the appropriate age to enjoy this performer.


So I meant to comment on Stuart's posting of Paul McCartney's singing at the White House, "See Washington is fun!" I worked across the street for 20 years in various capacities and had amazing experiences.

Nancy and I have just returned from the Kennedy Center tonight where we saw, sang and danced with Dianna Ross in concert with the National Symphony Orchestra. I knew she was coming and looked for tickets but figured they all went to season ticket holders for the three nights she was performing.

Last night as I was getting ready to leave the office, I got the monthly email for the Center and rather than just delete and there it was! The "Buy Tickets" tab. Rather than seeking permission I clicked on the tab: sold out for Saturday, 1 ticket for Friday but 17 box seats for tonight! I grabbed 2 and the performance was awesome!!!

The back story:

Nancy and I met more than 51 years ago at a Notre Dame football weekend and for our first "big date" I took her to the Dianna Ross & The Supreme's concert on campus in January1966, Fortunately the student entertainment coordiantor was a friend so I got front row seats!

Our 47th wedding anniversary is this coming Monday! Adult children are stunned that I am so nimble and Dianna was awesome with the symphony.

See Washington is fun!


12/03/16 08:33 AM #21    


Marty Ganek

Great story Tom, glad to hear that you're still nimble! Did some nimble moves myself  at Stu Lasser's recent wedding. I spent seven years in DC myself during med school and pediatric training and I agree, Washington is fun!

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